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Our team researches and reviews every Timeshare Exit company, only recommending those with a proven track record of success, while also providing a list of known scammers. Ratings are based on the BBB, guarantees, and customer feedback.

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Best Timeshare Cancel Companies

Timeshare Exit CompanyBBB RatingSatisfaction GuaranteeGet Out of Timeshare Now!
Wesley Financial GroupA+ Rated
Seaside Consulting GroupA+ Rated
Resolution TimeshareA+ Rated

What Is is a review company who does all the heavy lifting of finding some of the best timeshare cancellation companies for you. Our group looks into some of the most important things when deciding what timeshare exit company you should use. Those important factors include reviews, owner, and the timeshare cancel companies guarantees. When our team looks into a timeshare cancelation company, we make sure to thoroughly investigate their reviews on sites like BBB, TrustPilot, and Google reviews. If the particular timeshare exit company passes our review process, we then dive into the history of the CEO and the length of time the company has been operating. Next, our team makes sure the exit company is promoting guarantees for getting you out of your timeshare. 

Our team of highly educated experts make sure to recommend some of the best exit companies in the United States. Our Top 3 companies include Wesley Financial, Seaside Consulting Group, and Resolution Timeshare. We suggest these companies because they have passed our three step process with flying colors. Take our short quiz so we can connect you with one of the best timeshare cancellation companies today! 

Why Should I Want Out Of My Timeshare?

You may be thinking, “why should I consider getting out of my timeshare?” . We have found that a lot of timeshare owners are wasting thousands of dollars on something they do not  use or haven’t in years due to the world’s circumstances.  These timeshare companies do not want you to know that  thousands of people rent timeshares without being tied down to yearly maintenance fees or a loan. It is much cheaper to rent a timeshare every year rather than owning. You may have been misled or pressured into buying your timeshare. Timeshare reps use high pressure tactics to get you to buy something that has little to zero value. They may of signed you up for credit cards or upgrades that you had no idea of until you got a bill in the mail with your name tied to it.  

There are a ton of reasons why you should reconsider making anymore payments to your timeshare developer. This may be the perfect time for you to talk to a timeshare exit specialist to see if they can eliminate those expensive payments. Consider talking to one of the best timeshare exit companies we recommend: Wesley Financial, Seaside Consulting Group, and Resolution Timeshare.

What Does It Cost To Get Out Of My Timeshare?

Timeshare cancellation companies are designed to save you money in most cases. The best timeshare exit companies do have a cost, but it does depends on which route you choose to go with. There is no fixed price when you choose to go with one company over another. Do not make a decision purely on the cost that was offered to you. We see that people who go with best price usually end up with an unsatisfied experience.  

There definitely is a cost to getting out of your timeshare with an exit company. In the end, it should save you thousands of dollars depending on how much you owe to the developer. You should not judge the service on how much it cost, rather judge the cost on how much money that particular cancellation company will save you. These companies have canceled millions of dollars of timeshare debt. Thousands of people are now better off financially than they previously were with their timeshare. 

How To Avoid Scams?

We believe it is very easy to avoid scams in these modern times. As long as you do your research before paying someone a large sum of money. Our team of experts recommend avoiding companies who claim to sell timeshares. They will “list your timeshare” for a fee, and you will most likely never hear from them again. You should avoid doing business with a company if they do not offer a money back guarantee. 

Before submitting payment to a company, make sure to look into their online presence to make sure they are a trusted timeshare exit company. Make sure to avoid people who offer you a upfront price without knowing anything about your particular timeshare. If you take all the things listed into consideration you should be able to avoid timeshare exit scams.